Tekken 8

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Game Zone, Wikipedia ForumTekken 8 was co-developed and published by Bandai Namco Studios with Arika. The game will release on January 26th, 2024. It is the eighth installment and tenth in total of the Tekken Series.

Gameplay Tekken 8

According to Katsuhiro HARA the focus of Tekken 16 is on aggressiveness, with players rewarded for their proactive approach as opposed defensive ones. Tekken8 also features a “Heat” gameplay system. Heat State does not just grant chip damage or additional moves but can also change the characteristics of certain characters, for example, a heavy guardbreak. Heat State allows fighters to dash cancel designated moves. Heat State and normal attack characters can cause a fighter to receive chip damage, which will allow them to regenerate their health bars. [1] Unlike Tekken Tag Tournament’s health bar regeneration, which was only available in Tag mode, a fighter can recover their health by attacking his opponent. Rage Drive is now reworked and separated as “Heat Smash”, an “Heat” System move.

was supposed to bring back the “Screw” property for damage, but in the end it was scrapped. Tornado was introduced to replace the property. When opponents fall to the floor quickly, they are put into a similar state. The system is the same as Tekken 6.. This applies no matter if the combination extender is knockback or launcher.

Tekken8 also features many differences. Tekken8 is a game that aims for a more cinematic fight environment. The focus will be on destruction of stages and characters’ reactions. In addition, instead of recycling old content, the character models, voice lines, and other elements are all new. Tekken Eight runs on the latest Unreal Engine 5. making this the first big fighting game powered by that engine.

Arcade Quest, the online mode, is a lobby that includes battles in arcades and regular battles online, as well as tournament matches. Arcade Quest lets users customize their avatars. It also uses a new currency called “Fight Money”.

Development Tekken 8

Sony will announce the new entry on September 13th, 2022 at their state of play event. This game is scheduled to be released in 2022 on PlayStation 5 platforms, Windows via Steam and Xbox Series S/X. The game will continue the story of Kazuya vs. Jin from the previous mainline games. After Tekken World Cup Finals 2022, it was announced that Arika is responsible for continued game development in place of Rollback Netcode.

Bandai Namco revealed its plans to run a closed-network test in 2023. It was intended to test various aspects of the games, including matchmaking, balance and overall stability. A limited number of participants were allowed to participate in this closed network test on a first come, first served basis. Later, in October of 2023, another network test took place.

Bandai Namco launched a demo version of Tekken 8,, on December 14, 2020 for PlayStation 5 and December 21, 2020 for Xbox Series X/S or Windows. This demo contains Chapter 1 of Story Mode along with Arcade Quests and Super Ghost Battles. It also includes Gallery and Versus Mode. The game offers four different characters, each with three distinct stages. Yohei Shimbari has also joined Bandai Namco, where he is a coproducer as well as assistant manager. Yohei previously worked on Team Ninja for most series.

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